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Ok, lets get on with our last impressions page and information page.i
A view at this piece 'state of the art'. What a slender appearance, this Airforce Rafale
Inside the cockpit it seems it's empty... though it's fully digitalised avionics what you see.
Some agression: A US Navy Sea Hawk
'Beware of the Dusty Dogs'!
Type SH-60F
Various aircraft came from the three AC carriers in front of the coastline.
'Captain Spock'
One of the highlights of the show...
    ... a very nice painted Etendard...
... also to be seen and even touched on the platform.
 Here come the dudes ! US navy flying and displaying !
We'll show 'm all four: VFA-105 401,
VFA-105 400,
VFA-32 106
and VFA-32 105
Hyeres did not end up with only a ‘bunch’ of aircraft but turned out to be a well organized air fete.
It was welcomed very much by those who were interested...

... and as mentioned before: 24 hours later the air base was flooded by extreme rainfall and floods.

While looking at the Hornets once more...
... before we get to the final last page with information and article...
... where you can read our short story about this marvellous day...
... the main surprise is still to come !
What if suddenly an Airbus A380 appears !!!
This huge plane will not be seen frequently in Europe this way.
We were able fo make fine pictures to show you...
... and also a sneaky view inside the cockpit and inside, though by these pic's from internet. (credits unknown)
Imagine you'll ever fly this plane..
... and be able to visit all parts of it ? For those who won't, this small drawing. From toilets to Rolls-Royce engines.
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