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The old veterans enjoyed and appreciated - with all their own emotions - this memorial


It is said that - in spite of this very important 70 years 2014 memorial which is also very important for youth to see and learn about - that
some officials who should support this memorial wholeheartedly understand  very little about these memorial Market Garden actions. 
Many re-enactors therefor could not join and contribute in making the memorial come to a realistic and more 
understandable overview. Next to that it would have been a positive contribution for the many German 
visitors to have a view in a time where they didn't have any part of neither are they to blame for. 
  The poor decision of the policechief more or less thus punished the benevolent German visitors who disapprove that 
awful period themselves, as if they were at this present time still to blame for that period of time which they are not.
It is hardly to believe that just one person at such a position apparently does not understand the meaning of a right and veracious 
image. An image of which so many people who cannot imagine the impact of the second worldwar are not allowed to have 
this proper impression such as it was. Unfortunately - as in that time - today we still know persons who show they don't
understand one bit of today's tolerance and friendship between two and even more friendly nations !
Also old weapons were confiscated from the re-enactors as if they would start World-War II again ?? Come on now ! We must be glad 
that the confiscated old ammunition and weapons were returned to the owners after interference of the Royal Dutch Defence Forces.
Pity also for all the remaining visiting veterans who experienced this compromising shortage in that which they fought for 
and believed in, where their comrades lost their lives for, as well as the thousands of spectators. 
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