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The exercise is prepared in conferences in previous months, a realistic schedule in the pre phase
The operational base-lines were set out by 31 squadron this year 
Main objectives: Cooperation between NATO airforces, better understanding of procedures... 
... and developing unit interoperability, first laid down by general lee in 1962.
The exercise is conducted in daytime due to restrictions but actually what can be done at day...
... can also be done in nighttime. Vital, while air warfare shifted to nightly hours. 
The participants are split in 'Blue forces'and 'Red forces'and briefed seperately.
Aircraft fly 2v2 and 4v4 engagements, also small operations called 'Shadow waves'.
All different concepts pass the scene: COMAO, CAS, SEAD, AWACS & CSAR.
The advantage of many players in the field is to set up a very realistic scenario...
... in between actions 'behind enemy lines' were executed by helicopters.
There were also German and French SAM batteries, Crotale missiles (simulated here and there)
Operational theatre: South of Belgium, Northern France, North Sea west of The Netherlands 
Crews are partly experienced and partly new so others can be attached to the concept
New countries applying for the membership must prove to be worth as a probationary member
After two years practicimg with rules of engagement full membership can be achieved
Trend 2009: Tone down grey tiger looks, while a grey aircraft can be operational any time... 
... the belgian Air Component obtained this as a ragulation for further operational use...
... and so it was done by many countries like this Spanish Dassault Mirage F-1
Fine color sceme: F-104G Starfighter. The Swiss has no tiger colors, his name IS F-5 Tiger !
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