A DOUBLE CELEBRATION: 100 Years Aeronavale France and a new Magazine !!

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Come and see our article and impressions !
A new Aviation Magazine about Airplanes and their Pilots - In front of you the first edition !
In front of you the first edition !
Celebrating with 100 Years Aeronavale Hyeres France
Dutch Aviation Support was there for P&P Mil to report about this event
We also treat you on a photographic impression of a very well organised day in sunny conditions !
           Please do scroll along and enjoy our six pages of impressions         
A very fine show, all kinds of airplane types came along for the spectators
For 100 years anniversary Aeronavale naval aviation, a celebration was held at BAN Hyeres
It's a base of medium size, large platforms and nice environment !
Base Aero Navale (BAN) Hyeres Tower. We lead you through the show without to many comments. Have fun !
A highlight for the oldtimers: A replica Bleriot XI
Still going strong: The Sa-319B Alouette III
The TBM-3E Grumman Avenger
Where ever do you see this example flying ? A treat for the eye !...
... and a last look in the bomb bay.
Every one is prepared for his own specific task, from spotter to fire fighter.
The Alouette III is a one-engined helicopter, original Sud-Aviation, later Aerospatiale and recently Eurocopter group
The Alouette is a helicopter with almost the best (glass) cockpit view.
IFR is not allowed on this type so it can only fly under limited conditions
A Falcon 10-Mer (57 Sqn)
The United Kingdom was present with a Jetstream. This type will be replaced by  the Beech King Air soon.
Breguet Atlantique - The large surveyer
Another Atlantique, a visitor from Germany.
 This example was painted with a very nice tail 'Graf Zeppelin'.
 And ofcourse the French themselves showed a celebration example.
The guys on the platform had a relatively easy day, in spite of the frequent flights.
 A fine example of a replica Focke Wulf from WW-II period, here pictured in Holland Lelystad Aerodrome. But...... same plane another platform, preparing for a dogfight demonstration later on above Hyères France....
 About 15.00 hours at June 12 heavy sounds of alarm installations indicated troubles. The FW's engine failed !
The FW ditched, the pilot survived without major injuries.
The incident didn't spoil the event, many pilots flew their contribution to the show.
A Harriers tail could enjoy the 'Patrouille de France' having the same colors of the French Flag.
An Italian Merlin
A French Dauphin
Epsilon and MS893-100S
Early mornings it was quite calm, good opportunity to make the pictures on the platform
A nice looking North American TF-51D...
... better known as a Mustang.
A bunch of Italian Sea Harriers
... and so many men and woman who made this day to a great success !
Wow, here they are, a two-ship of US Naval Hornets !
Impressions, impressions, impressions...
French Naval Rafale, Gendarmerie helicopter...
And many many clothes who had faced the 'Vizir' détergent ! Whiter than white :-)
A very beautiful and seldom seen Grumman E-2C Hawkeye...
... and two very beautiful....    ehm well.... (sorry, distracted for a moment...)      Lets go to the next page, ok ?
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