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 A flight with the E-3A Sentry from Geilenkirchen Germany 
For photographic impression
Early in the morning (21-04-2008) about 05.00 Geilenkirchen Germany awakes...
We arrive at the main gate, and enjoy the entree and the specific radar-radomes all over the place 
Pilot Major Chris Balatsoukas welcomes us, gives us flight information, safety rulesand instructions
After info about area of today's flight, the crew boards for a whole day flight
A view in the cockpit, and the procedures start
Major Balatsoukas and 2nd pilot Maj. Stefano Cianfrocca will take care of the take-off
Board mechanics and technicians also start their checks 
The Sentry starts it's mission, and is flying to higher altitudes
Several modernised digital colorscreens are manned, all switchable to every possible mode 
Sometimes teams are changed to have a rest period, as the pilots also do
To get an idea how these crews work, please read our article (scroll down)
It's really amazing what this AWACS can see and do, unbelievable almost !
The Sentry takes position, a refuelling exercise is on the program
An ANG tanker very slowly approaches, and from the cockpit you see the boom coming in...
The boom almost seems to hit and enter the cockpit, but the 'Boomer' does his job well...
After the tanks have been filled up againg the ANG tanker swings away
 A detail the other way around, platform and tower, shown as some details.
And some badges, as worn by the crew members 
   Detail of the special coloured AWACS as we saw it on various shows this year  
The plane ends it's flight, we also do with this photographic impression
 The crew gets home after a straining day of hard work !
We hope you liked our photographic impression, to show you details of this interesting job !
  Thanks to all crew and they who were helpfull to us !
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