Dutch Aviation Support reports

Press visit januari 2008

A look at Kabul, ISAF Head Quarters, some images
Around the base no problem, but sometimes it's better not to show you make pictures
Though moments of quitness, mostly there is always some action everywhere
But no problem visiting the local markets with small stands selling all kinds of everything
No, still not like our infrastructure, but the first improvements show up, like this 'highway'
Children run risks because of verge-bombs, and who can tell what's under these burka's ?.....
That's why armoured cars are needed, and still it remains a risk driving in open territory
But daily life goes on at the Qualaa's (farms) , war or no war 
Time for a nice picture, and serious matters also proceed, like reconstructing buildings...
... later on the locals will return to their houses when checked and repaired
Some old 'Stalin-Organs'from the time Russia invaded Afghanistan
Let's have a look at the Kandahar environment, the city, and Forward Operating Base Zari Panijway
From Zari, as well as out of this US Army Blackhawk you get a good overview of what happens
Reconstruction, like this stone - oven, and tree-projects
Hard to see, but Taliban can be everywhere in caves and holes
Here some 'rich' qualaa's (farms) concerning the size of them.
On Kandahar Airforce base (KAF) we find patrols, and tents to work and sleep in
Here the canadian part, and beneath the civil side of Kandahar International Airport
Above and below you can see the tree-projects, in 2007 a 100.000 trees were planted...
... under supervision of the Dutch Foreign Affairs. Also in 2008 a 100.000 trees were planted
 The policy is: Saffron instead of 'Red Poppy' (raw material for hard-drugs)
Economy in Afghanistan is rising (!) pity we don't read that in the news.... but it does !
( Margreet thanks for showing me around and all your help ! )

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