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Press visit januari 2008 in Afghanistan

We offer this extended impression which shows environment, facts, pictures that you don't see at home. How the men and women  work on peace and development in Afghanistan. Impressions about equipment, circumstances, education,  reconstructtion, projects and not in  the last place the fact that  young people gave  their lives for other people's freedom.  

It will be a matter of generations , let us hope for the Afghan people , and for all 'ours'  who lost their lives  that once peace and understanding will be achieved to develop this in fact unique and beautiful rough country so the inhabitants can live a life of peace, working on their own future.

The professionals that serve(d) in Afghanistan will certainly recognise themselves, their work and missions. See it as a tribute to all involved, to try and stop this Militant Opposing Forces (Taliban) madness to obstruct peace, safety and development of an entire nation by using terror and oppression, death and deprave by hanging women, bombing women and children on markets, in busses, disrupt public and personal life, all by people who abuse their religion in their own name and interpretation. Such facts cannot be tolerated by free democratic nations who become threatened themselves in their existance by actions such as 9-11.



For marketing reasons the frontcovers may differ from the original ones, though article and pictures are original
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Published in the Greek Aviation Magazine 'Interception'
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A story about the last stand of Taliban ...
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... allied forces try to eliminate them ...
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... stop growing papaver and develop economy for the people to give them a better life ...
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... but this takes great efforts and also lives ... 
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... men and woman who fight for what they believe in !
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These are the stories of the regular troops in Afghanistan
Above: 1st Lieutenant Stephan van Geem (r) responsable for helicopter maintainance and
transport, on a day that Prime Minister J.P. Balkenende visited his unit (2009 Tarin Kowt)
Eindhoven AFB, the KDC-10 arrives to bring the men and women to Kandahar
The 'new shift' starts coming in, some alone, some with relatives...
Not always easy to say goodbye, but this couple has good faith !
The KDC-10 is packed, and after some hours all are tired of the long trip...
For safety reasons we cannot give all details of the trip, but we landed in between 
Dutch Commander gives a short briefing about the second half of the journey...
A very sad moment, the KDC-10 transports 2 soldiers killed in action back to The Netherlands
A British Hercules flies us in to Afghanistan. The loadmaster checks data...
... and the last part we carry shell-vests and helmets, even reporters... !
Ok, just to get used to the situation, let's see what entertainment you can expect
The 'Dutch Corner' , not only visited by Dutch, also others like to join and have a dance...
... play a little card-game with eachother...
... have a talk and a tin can of.... well, sorry, no alcoholics.
But it's a nice place to be, and at daytime you can also find some corners...
... to relax, read a book, or play an old-fashioned game.

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