Special thanks to Lt. Pilot Karl Craps, Gilze Rijen Aviation Society and Peter DeWael d
'PIloot en Vliegtuig' published our article about the AJETS training at Cazaux Francei
At BA-120 Comm. Marzac Alpha Jets are in use by the Advanced Jet Training School 
The Belgian Air Force has placed 29 Alpha Jets-B for this training at Cazaux
'Aeronautica & Difesa' published our article about AJETS training at Cazaux Francei
Still a very classic though capable trainer: The Alpha Jet !
Please do enjoy our photographic impression and written article below
The French cadets use both the French and Belgian  Alpha Jets
The Belgian Alpha Jets have more advanced avionics
Rows of the AJETS planes on the French concrete
Belgian pilots start their training on the SF-260 Marchetti. (R:) Patrouille de France
Cazaux is one of the largest ideally located French bases with plenty of rehearsal space
Just a cutaway picture of the Aplha Jet
A very nice painted Belgian example
These Alpha Jets have their big overhaul in Belgium at Bevekom (Beauvechain)
The French and Belgians train both also at Dijon Longvic and use eachothers planes
September 3rd 2010 the Belgian Lieutenant-Colonel Guy Jacquemin took over command of the Belgian-French unit on French territory of the "Ecole de Transition Opérationnelle" (ETO). Nice cooperation !
French Alpha Jetlanding at Dijon-Longvic, and a Belgian Alpha Jet airborne
After the elementary training both air force pilots converge on Tours where they make up the basic jet training done on Alpha Jet E of the French Air Force, read all about it in our article
A few Alpha Jet badges
Here our impression stops, with this flying example. Want to see more ? Do visit the Belgian Open Days
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