Dutch Aviation MEDIA BV 2010

A new article for the independent leading Dutch aviation magazine 'PILOOT EN VLIEGTUIG'
Another year past, over 1000 pages of aviation in this magazine in 2009 !
The first contribution in 2010: Alouettes II in Belgium on return.
The cockpit is just a little bit more luxury than a FIAT 500 car, but functional !
This way the Belgian Alouette II honours it's camouflage ...
Unfortunately the Alouette II will not be seen anymore at the Bierset platform
However where you'll meet it, the contoures will remain undoubtedly Alouette !
Some were to enjoy one of the last flying hours, presented by Belgian Airforce at Bierset
Very operationel here, a few steel tubes, about a glass dome with roof-drive... 
... but how valuable this helicopter was for so many different countries and organisations !
Military use still in Ireland by the Army Air Corps in Aldergrove
Civil it is most known as SAR helicopter in the Swiss mountains
This 'Lama' as it is called civil, here at the platform in Zermatt. The helicopter is very reliable at higher altitudes, where the air is thin and temperatures far below zero: Reliability !  
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