AXALP EXERCISES 2008 Switzerland


Dutch Aviation Support reported in six different European magazines

A new article for the independent leading Spanish aviation magazine 'Fuerza Naval'


Fuerza Aerea, the main Spanish magazine ! Also read: Fuerza Naval and Fuerza Terrestre          Pictures here below: Max Ungricht (Cockpit Magazine) and Swiss Airforce  


View at Axalp Range with Hornet between the Swiss mountains

Fuerza Aerea shows a variety of participating planes

Spectacular views on different types of planes

Most (flying) contributions we received from Cockpit magazine and the Swiss Airforce (above)


ATM Slovakia also published about AXALP 2008 see 'various magazines 

The following pictures are own material Dutch Aviation Support
Lets start from the bottom: Platform Meiringen Airbase Switzerland (Pictures Dutch Aviation Support)
It's a coming and going on the platform
Superpuma's fly a standard pattern around the base...
... as the Alouettes III do to transport means, men, VIP and press to Axalp 
Shining beauty she remains, the reliable Alouette III
 Rescue helicopters nearby, just in case. Spectators with an abyss behind them of 100's of meters 
In the eraly morninglight the F/A-18 Hornets taxi out of their 'Cavernen'...
... and in only moments of preparation the sound of the engines increases...
... and with full throttle they depart from Meiringen to the Axalp range to practice.
The F-5 Fighter/Trainers departed this year from Payerne to Axalp...
... and they also returned there, using a break-chute
A view on the three locations, well guarded by military police to avoid any risks
Warning shields everywhere neccessary, right the targets on Axalp range
Logo's of the Swiss 'Fliegerstaffel'

Weather conditions resulted in some exercise cancellations. Fortunately we can show you some images of the morningsessions below. With collegial thanks to Max Ungricht and the Swiss Airforce !

A Superpuma spits out it's self-defence flares, and the new paradehorse: EC-635 shows up ! 
Mighty pictures from the F-5, and also a newcomer: Pilatus PC-21.  
Demonstrations of the Patrouille Suisse, and an A-109 shows a rescue operation
The Hornets show out: very spectacular views, to show their capabilities...
... and to show the necessity of having these defenders.
Switzerland has to replace the older F-5 Tigers. To know why, please read the article below
            Finally a picture of the very capable pilot(s) who are able to fly unbelievable curves !                   Pictures: Max Ungricht (Cockpit Magazine) and Swiss Airforce  

Here we show you the Scramble map to have an impression of the Swiss Airfield locations

!We hope to meet youat Axalp 2009 again!i
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Logo's of the Swiss 'Fliegerstaffel' - II
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