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Can the USAF update the B-52 bomber up to the age of 100 years ??
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Join us to some B-52 general photographic impressions and the written article ?
On a good day during a reliable B-52 training flight of Minot Airbase, suddenly an engine fell off the plane !
... and that, while the airframe is built so strong that it has to last for such a long time, according to some until after 2050 !
One reason more to invest in the still flying 76 examples in 'smart weapons' technology for this type.
This idea and concept in fact started already in 1971.
The eight Pratt & Whitney TF33-P-3 turbofan engines must be replaced by new engines with approxemately the same weight, volume and power
Engine manufacturers such as Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney are already campaigning openly.
Next to engines anextensive upgrade of cockpit, weaponroom must suitable for firing precision weapons from the latest generations.  
An upgraded B-52 can communicate data directly  about mission and target with other flying platformsvia a new data link system.
Since 2014 several B-52's have been equipped with the new equipment and the delivery program will continue until 2021
This way the fleet is now being prepared for a 24/7 readiness, which also has to do with the increased tension in the world.
Timesaving: With a 'cart-start', with a small kind of explosive  two engines can be started and during taxiing the others.......
CF-34 (Civil version)
Military spokesmen concider it realistic that the B-52 could achieve a 100 years existence ! 
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