Will the F-35 Lightning-II (JSF) be the next generation fighter for Belgian Airforce above ??
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Peter 'Pe' DeWael (L), for many years our guide at the airfields an exercises. Guide and friend ! Peter thank you for all you did for us !
Two magnificient jewels of books were published: 'The past 70  Years' and 'Present and Future'. 
Some real historical images below.
Our overview of almost all types of Belgian Military Aircraft and some entertainment as well
De Havilland Mosquito
Gloster Meteor
Lockheed Starfighter
De Havilland Mosquito
Supermarine Spitfire
Bristol Sycamore
Douglas DC-3 Dakota or C-47 Skytrain
Fairchild Boxcar
Percival Pembroke
Douglas DC-3 Dakota or C-47 Skytrain
Dassault Mirage 5
Aerospatiale Alouette-II
Though Navy, the Aerospatiale Alouette-III may be seen as well 
Auster - Auster Aircraft Limited Auster Aircraft Limited
Republic Thunderflash
Lockheed T-33
Gloster Meteor
Siai Marchetti
Republic Thunderchief
Piper Super Cub
Britten Norman Islander - Belgian North Sea Aeria Survey
Britten Norman Islander - Not Airforce but Army (Just as extra image ;-)
Piper Super Cub
Embraer ERJ-145LR (Belgian AF VIP plane)
Embraer ERJ-145LR Cockpit
Belgian Airforce shared their material with civilians many times. (Open Days, Bierset helidays, Sanicole, Kee-Bee and so on)
EThe spactators always enjoyed these kind of demonstrations.  Westland Seaking  (SAR)
Of course Belgian AF showed their F-16(s) on shows.....
 .....and their trainer the Dassault Breguet Alpha Jet as well
Once again the Sea King demonstrating
EAnother 'golden oldie' trainer: The Fouga Magister
Shown on Kee Bee: Special flight of the CE-03 accompanied by two F-16 fighters
Siai Marchetti 
Privilege: Flying the Alouette-II 
Super view from out of the Alouette-II
A modest cockpit
Flying over 'Bierset helidays'
EA windy, rainy open day, but still the die-hards kept on coming !
For kids and adults the usual 'patattekes'are a true reward on such a day !
Back to types: The A-109 'Hirondo' used for many purposes such as transport of special forces
Another few pictures of 'Airforce meets civilians'
Bierset helidays hosted many visitors seldom seen around such as this Irish Alouette-III
Staff and pilots enjoyed the demonstrations and static helicopters as much as anyone else
Beautiful painted A-109
The workhorses: Lockheed C-130 Hercules 
It's not just planes and helicopters on an open day that attrack your eyes....
...... and for the many hard working people it creates many moments of taking it easy on such a sunny day.
Hi guy, in some years ahead you can wear a real uniform like these specialists and pilots
Another few images of the A-109, also used for Medevac
This as far as it goes with the 'Open Days Impressions'. Back to business...
Some impressions of the Fouga Magister
......followed by the Siai Marchetti trainers
Another bunch of Alpha Jets
Dassault Falcon 900B  (VIP)
Dassault Falcon 20 / Mystere
A variety of F-16's
And of course the F-16's were present at Kleine Brogel. Some more of KeeBee and Florennes 
A part of future history will be the NH-90. After a long period of implementation now the major helicopter in Belgium
In the run up to purchase and commissioning these two designs were once seen at Bierset helidays
More about the NH-90 is coming up.
First...  a session of nightphotography of several types made by Koos Heemskerk
Finally a serie of the NH-90, a training by Dutch pilots to the Belgian collegues to land on a deck of a ship at full sea
Well... that was almost it. But ... We close this page with the written article below and some fine pictures of evening- and Nightflying. 
We hope you enjoyed this extended photographic view of many of the Belgian airplanes in 70 years of history.
Thanks for being with us here !
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