Cold War Keeping alive: BRUNTINGTHORPE

Dutch Aviation Support 2010

A new article for the independent leading Romanian magazine 'TopguN'
Cold War period revival at Bruntingthorpe United Kingdom !
Many old planes take the runway and can be seen taxiing !

Here a few nice impressions of this day, for the article: Scroll down please

The very day itself it rained, rained and..... rained !!
The day before however the pictures were much better...
Such as this Polish Iskra, and the Airbus Superguppy
An old but legendary F-104G Starfighter from germany
The English jet provost
An old French Airforce Mystere
Here a lightning at the showday itself, quite spectacular as I may say...
Running up and down the runway, so nice to see the old fighters !
RAF Lightning standing under it's Q-Shed Shelter
And ofcourse the awful fine restored Victor !
Cockpit of the Victor, and author Kees Otten interviewing Robert Prothero
Once more: The RAF Comet
Strange bird, the Canberra
Also RAF: The Buccaneer
A Royal Navy Sea Vixen
And finally we shoe you the Swiss Airforce Hunter
Don't hesitate to visit this show: Perhaps next year even better weather !
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   Special thanks to Hennie Otten and Marco de Bruin
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