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Interception Greece also published about the T-2 Buckeye...
Please join us in this photographic impression and read our article:
The T-2 BUCKEYE is more than alive, as we have concluded at Kalamata AB in (south) Greece
It houses still the Cessna (Tweet) Converter, as we see here on the platform...
... and another trainer here is the North American T-6A Texan II in large numbers.
Though today our special guest is the Rockwell Buckeye
It has definitely it's own 'looks', as it was called: 'A trainer with balls !'
Unfortunately this plane is hardly seen in our region, so we had to travel to Kalamata AB
We were able to meet this rare, but easy to handle and easy to fly bird
A rather comfortable cockpit, the instructor a little higher in the backseat
The Buckeye is easy to handel as it comes to maintainance, not only by male technicians !
Large numbers on the platform in the heat of the morning sun.
Again you can see how easy to specific parts can be reached for daily maintainance
Kalamata has it's own simulator and simulator trainingrooms...
... where missions can be flown and influenced, to train the pilots as well as possible.
We were to see the SAR Bell-212, and many flying actions as from this Hercules...
... and even a small ceremony, which showed that Greek and Turkish Pilots can be friends very well !
A PZL-M-18b 'Dromedar' came along, and it is said that even a secret agent was here today.... !!?
Another look at our flying Buckeye's...
... who seem to cleave the clouds like delphins with wings.
As you see making reportages is specific 'hard labour' ... Kees Otten in conversation...
So in the evening you need a good place to recover... as we did !
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