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reports: Project C-17 of 12 cooperating countries  
3 Globemasters stationed at Papa - Hungary
Project of 10 NATO and 2 PFP countries, cooperating in Heavy Airlift Wing
Two giants in the Dutch Airforce: KDC-10 and C-17
The Globemaster III landed end of 2011 at Leeuwarden AFB with an entire Dutch Crew
'Gezagvoerder' Captain Berlijn gives interview to Kees Otten, and explains about the cockpit
Globemaster lands on Dutch ground the first time with entire Dutch crew ! Sept. 15-2011i
                                                 Globemaster C-17   Project of 12 participating countries                (picture credits A de Bie)
                                                                                 Air-to-air refuelling action                                     (picture credits A de Bie)
  A marvellous sight,this fuel-boom so close (credits A de Bie)            Right: Inside view, equipment everywhere inside !
 Koos Heemskerk was there to witness the arrival...
... like a hughe bird he comes nearer and nearer...
... not only for the crew, but also for the spectators it was a treat for the eyes !
Touchdown !! Smoke from the accelerating wheels, and the plane bounces smoothly once more from the runway
The moment is there, zero hour ! 'Our' Globemaster hits the Dutch ground !
After a turn it taxies back to the platform...  and the Dutch Flag is shown !
Quite a job, showing flag with your headphone covering your ears, high up in the plane with a lot of wind outside !......
See how big this five-star transporter is, hughe !
We only write here a few lines, do read our story below. Here the C-17 is parked on the concrete of Friesland.
For a station-picture this was the best we could do
Some badges, and HAW logo on the fusalage
Then the time has come to go inside and have some conversation
Striking is the multiplicity of systems, pipes and cables, yet all weighing as light as possible
Initiator of this article is Flight Dispatcher 1st Lt. Anton de Bie, here in interview with Kees Otten
....  and ofcourse Captain Christiaan Berlijn tells us enthousiast about his dream-job !!
We can have a look inside the cockpit, all digitalized...
.... another view...
... next Captain Berlijn explains about the handling of this Giant.
And there'se a lot to be proud of in ths 'Pilots dream' , like Head-Up Displays, as in the fighter jets.
On board many patients can be transported, and first stabilising aid is available
... a closer look, though this patient may have been suffering from air-sickness, he looks a bit pale ...
The Globemaster was also at Leeuwarden as part of the 'Open Days' for the public...
Here the KDC-10, seen from between two C-17 engines. Both planes still fly frequently on Kandahar Afghanistan
We had the experience to fly there with the KDC-10, how would it be with this plane that can land even on 'dirt strips' ?
A detail of these fine engines that are capable of lifting the plane including very heavy load...
...like a couple of these Panzer Houwitzers, no problem ! To illustrate it, this example was placed behind the C-17.
A detail of the self-defence flares installations against hostal missiles on several places in the fuselage...
We come to the end of our visit, first a view on the entire Dutch crew... thank you all for posing !
... and another picture of the complete crew including a few foreign collegues.
Yeah guys, look up to this high in the sky tail.... 
The plane flown by Captain Berlijn and his crew, based at Papa AFB Hungary.  Teamwork !
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