Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2012

Almost all Russian airplane types to be seen !!
Pilots & Planes Military dedicates an article to this small transport-devil
The C-27J Spartan can be called one of the best European success stories in the field of tactical transport aircraft
With its size and capacity and with only two engines he sits just below the C-130 Hercules
The C-27J Spartan is also called the 'Babyherc'
Who saw the acrobatics on the various air shows knows what this aircraft can do with it's tremendous agility
The C-27J can operate cost effectively
Piloot en Vliegtuig' dedicates an article as well to this multi-purpose plane
The Americans formulated as follows: a ‘medium- lift intra-theater airlift aircraft’
Under arctic temperatures the Spartan acts very well, here an italian one at Norway Bardufoss
 Cockpitview, Good awareness for the pilots by windows in the roof of the cockpit
A joint venture named Lockheed Martin Alenia Tactical Transport Systems in 1997 started the development of the C-27J.
Quick and fast cargo load possibilities
The C-27J can be a very excellent replacement for the many older Antonov-26 's in various countries
The dream of every photographer !
You have to do very well to attract the attention of the Americans, this plane does !
The plane has a very good ability to climb and  smooth G-force handling (3G!)
A well scored product of Alenia Aermacchi  
The Hellenic Airforce even ordered before the Italian Airforce did (Location Geilenkirchen)
The Spartan scores high with less noise !
Spartan performing in the Italian colors

State of the art: Night vision equipment....

... included HUD.
Nice plane to handle, nice plane to fly !
The simulator of Alenia shows how versatile the C-27J is
The present software of the full mission flight simulator is very realistic
As you can see a very realistic hypermodern simulator in Pisa, flies as 'real'.
No bananasplit, this C-27 was still in the test-colors.
The Spartan is for Greece an ideal freighter in it's segment, here at Elefsis Greece
Maintainance brings no hard to reach spots in this plane.
Bye bye 'Babyherc', you can read our article below. 
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