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After many years it's time to replace the Alouette III in Switzerland
For the successor of the loyal and well-known Alouette III was choosen the EC-635 (Eurocopter)
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First hereafter we show you some images of this fine machine !

Here it is, the EC-635 military version of the Civil EC-135
Seeing it fly, you directly see that it can be quite a 'daredevil', (of course) or is it optical misguidance ?....
Ah, this gives better dimensions ! No, pilots won't take any risks at all !
The Alouette gave a familiar picture, which will be replaced by the one on the right with all it's new capabilities 
The military EC-635 was already known in Europe, for instance in Germany where the Americans have it in use 
It's quite a guy this light-weight helicopter with many possibilities such as FLIR .....
...... and the Swiss themselves don't mind proudly showing this new machine on airshows.
Nice graffity on the fuselage of this AC-635
The cockpit shows this machine seems to fly easy, and it sure does. Pilots like the good manageability
There is also a special equipped SAR version...
....and once you're in need, it surely is good when you spot the image of this approaching helicopter !
Besides that, almost any picture of any helicopter in Switzerland is wonderful to see
Some plain recce- , and photographic work can also be done
You have to know your rotor diamater in Switzerland very well, many rescue actions demand upper concentration
The EC-635 is in use in many other countries.....
..... even in Jordan the military acquired this type.
For now so far so good, we say goodbye and 'many happy landings' to the Swiss EC-635


Our heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Berchtold and Mr. Huber !
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