FRISIAN FLAG - E.A.R.T  2014               

=== A few more impressions ===

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Special thanks to Frank Crebas for providing some air-air pictures


In addition to the published article we show you a few more photographic impressions of Frisian Flag
F-16 in front of shelter at Leeuwarden AFB
German Eurofighter in full flight
Portugese F-16's have been refuelled (flying on the right side) by the KDC-10
Germany uses another refuellling system 
Some Eurofighters in operational condition at Leeuwarden AFB 
AWACS do have a busy job in this kind of exercises
Spanish, Portugese and German Det.Com's during Frisian Flag
Busy 'parking'...
The old Mig-21 (r) did not participate, it 'guards' Leeuwarden already for many years... 
Also within the groundcrews some humor exists ;-)
Inflatable tanks can be used to 'fool' the enemy or to be traced by reconnaissance actions
One of the Dutch KDC-10's refuelling. Left side is 'on hold', once refuelled you fly on the right side
An example of refuelling by screens / camera's (KDC-10)
Example of another refuelling system
The Italians boomer-place
Various systems exist, more standardisation is a necessity
American system, eye-to-plane. The Boomer looks direct at the receiving aircraft
And yet another system, also with camera's and a boomer thet 'flies'the boom from screen
Italian system (hose)
This close the nipple gets to your view in the cockpit of an AWACS airplane
Italian system with a 'flying boom'.
Camerasystem underneath the fuselage
Two KDC-10's at Eindhoven platform
Dutch and german tanker depart for their mission
Impression Italian tanker 
Detail hose system under the wingtip
Some details 
Eurofighter refuelled by hose system
Nice Finnish Hornet in a landing position
A C-130 hercules stationed at Eindhoven airbase
That's all folks, thanks for your attention and being with us !
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