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A small contribution to the 'Buitenland' pages of 'Onze Luchtmacht' magazine
'Greenshield II' exercise - pictures Koos Heemskerk Dutch Aviation Support
'Onze Luchtmacht' dedicated some lines to this fact, we give you a photographic impression 
As a result of Greenshield I in the Saudi desert, The Saudi's came to France for Greenshield II
The Royal Saudi Air Forces were at Dijon-Longvix between 4 and 16 october
Dijon-Longvic litterally was the place 'Where Aagles Dare' 
We could see the Eagles in a setting of autumn colors in the late afternoon sun
Because of the nice conditions we present you a number of large pictures this time !
Improving combat capability was one goal of Saudi General Abdulrahman bin Fahd al-Faisal
To the Saudi's it must have been a fine experience flying over trees and grass...
... instead of desert sand and 
Green Shield 2 joint exercise: Most sophisticated military drill of RSAF outside the kingdom !
It is good meeting aircraft and pilots of different kinds, like the participating Mirages 2000...
... and even some Alpha Jets took part in this complicated training.
For the aviation enthousiasts it was nice to meet the two different types of aircraft
Five F-15C’s and one f-15d from 5 Sqn RSAF based at King Fahd Air base in Taif participated.
Flying low over the French trees in late autumn sunny conditions 
Here a 5th Sqn F-15C from Taif hits the runway
F-15C and one F-15D two-seater taxi to the platform
Ofcourse the Mirages 2000 (Dijon) also were very present 
And (brother to brother) Alpha Jets from EE02.002 Sqn landing here.
A Mirage 2000 low-speed pass, stating the record over the runway before landing
EC01.002 "Cigognes" (Mirage 2000-5F, based at Dijon)
The exercise was also an opportunity for Dassault France to promote the Rafale... 
... for which Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are possible export customers
... The F-15 being a tremendous fighter, the Rafale is a latest generation fighter   (here at Florennes)
But for now the Eagles still fly very well and will serve their time accurate ! 
Satisfied pilots in both camps, a Mire lands and taxies to it's hangar
The Saudi Eagles also makr their last circuit and go for the break...
... for their evaluation of a succesfull exercise. So far France did a very good job to prepare the exercise so well. Saudi Arabia is the Middle East and Asia’s sole country that sends its planes fully-equipped with fuel supplies and air re-fuelling aircraft, for training in France.
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