reports: SAAB GRIPEN New Generation 
Publication 1, 2 and 3
GRIPEN NG: Swedens military aviation industries superhit !!
Publication of this edition:   Sure the Gripen is more budget friendly...
Is the Gripen an alternative for the JSF ?
Fuerza Aerea publishes 'in three'...
Gripen NG is the powerful budget friendly alternative
Publication of this edition:
... and the 'New Generation' fighter may be seen !
Fuerza Aerea reports...
... the EPTS version ...
... refuelling air-to-air...     ... flares and cockpits ... what a plane !
For both part 1 & 2 below our photographic impressions. Hope you like it !
Sweden has always touched our hearts as it comes to fine fighter jets
The SAAB Gripen has now been developed as fourth generation fighter
This example here is fuelled up at Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic
A Cockpit Gripen 39-C, a 39-A impression and a 39-D backseat cockpit  ( l to r )
A New Generation Gripen lands smoothly on the runway
A view in the simulator, and a crew 'One Team One Mission' we meet also here !
Tiger tail on the taxiway - Kleine Brogel Belgium Nato Tiger Meet
Sweden leases the Gripens to the Czech Republic and Hungary
Quite an extraordinary picture: South African tanker refuels. South Africa is customer for 26 planes 
It's quite a range on weaponry that the Gripen can carry
The Gripen is equipped with fly-by-wire technology, and still allows forces to 9-G.
The plane is well accessable everywhere, here inspected before departure after a show
A press-minded pilot !
The wing is known as a cropped delta wing with leading-edge flaps and trailing-edge drooping "elevons".
The Gripen is so advanced and so very good in quality, new orders must and shall follow !
iFollowing images have been kindly made available by collegues & SAAB Swedeni
Credits: Jamie Hunter
Credits: Stefan Kalm
Credits: SAAB Sweden
Credits: Tavlor Schweiz
Credits: SAAB Sweden
Credits: Jamie Hunter
Credits: Jamie Hunter
Credits: SAAB Sweden - Aks any pilot, they love their Gripens !
Credits: SAAB Sweden
Credits: SAAB Sweden - SAAB even experiments with a Naval version for carriers
Credits: SAAB Sweden
Credits: SAAB Sweden
Credits: SAAB Sweden
Credits: SAAB Sweden - Here we fly back to the main site. We hope you liked our impression.
Thanks to the mentioned persons above and SAAB Sweden !
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