Completely prepared for what never came 

A new article for the independent leading Hungarian army magazine 'Regiment'
Dutch Aviation Media

Regiment reports about the 'IJssellinie', a lina built after WW-II when Russia was 'expected'

Many objects have been saved and now are part of a 'Museum' in bunkers and along roads


We show you some cannons that were positioned on strategic places such as BOFOR
Along the dikes of the river 'IJssel' many guns were situated, only very few pictures are known
By the time the project was more than secret and heavily guarded to remain that way
Old radomes of USA Sherman tanks were used to make fortifications, guns pointing east.... 
Here you see the inside of the opened hatches above, where you could stand or crawl inside
Ammunition depots were built on small hills, the place could be overflowed with water
Another old picture of the 'Vierling', a four barrel gun against enemy planes
Here some impressions of a larger bunker, and the four-barrel gun bunker
A look inside the command bunker. Uniform, oxygen set and communication post
The command bunker was situated in a small forrest, and as said ultra-secret !
Idea how the bunker was constructed. Right: A mobile communication set.
Left: Communication centre and patch panel. Bunkers were provided with heating systems
Outside built as a farmers barn, inside houses a command-centre ! The roof was to be opend and guns could be used instantly out of the roof. How clever !... I passed it many years without knowing the military history until told.
A view inside a Bofor 40mm gun bunker. 67 Bunkers in total were built. They were small, easy to defend and therefor hard to conquer. Also hard to escape with water all around in emergency times, without even a boat nearby.
Here we get to the Hospital bunker, a surgeon could act here like in a real hospital
It was equipped with airconditioning and the shown lamp above wasa real step forward by that time
Diesel-engines, dozens of stretchers, improvised operation chamber, it's all there ! 
Ofcourse there had to be improvised, but it could be a war ouitside you know... 
Talking about improvising, nowadays we live a little more luxurious !
Former military officer Mr. Timo Riesewijk shows us the ammunitionroom(s), chisels to work yourself through a 2 meters thick wall (?!) if neccessary. As Timo tells: 'there had been thought of at least...' Also a letterboard to check if you could read some lines. If you could not read the bigger characters you might be infected with poisoned gas !....
A lockgate could shut off the river and overflow many square kilometers of the land. People never knew the function of the level-sticks in the meadows, though the grass was getting very wett and toilets overfloated when preparations were made to overfloat the land when the cold war escalated at Cuba. Still people on the very nearby farms had no idea what was going on in their neighbour- hood, while the waterlevel was raised during an alertness phase when invasion was feared from out of the East.ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

 An ingenious system was created to shut off the river, and let the land overflow which would make it very hard, not to say impossible for Russian ground troops to conquer the land. The 'IJsselmeer' (Lake) waterlevel was increased artificial to have the land overflowd in no time when neccesarry. These days (left) the construction has been restored and put on the list of World Heritage Constructions, subsidised by European funds. One can easily drive over the dike now, it's a normal raod. In those days you were not even permitted to stop on the dyke and forced by military to move along quickly. To really get a good impression please do read the story below, and once in Holland do visit these historical constructions and bunkers. It's worth while !

Inlet and outlet of the ingenious system to shut of a river and have the land overflowed
People had no idea that when an Eastern invasion would come' their property would be overflowed. 
Cattle for sure, and many persons might have been drowned. As you can see the water would have had the level up to the roofs of the houses and barns. No escape would have been possible perhaps, or ?.....  We'll never know !
 Thank you Timo Riesewijk for guiding, and making the story possible !
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