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NAS KIEL article was published by Interception the leading aviation magazine in Greece
The story about Naval Air Station Kiel - Northern Germany
The home of the Sea Kings
On one hand recently firm investments... on the other hand:
What will be the final decision about KIEL Naval Air Station ?
Will the base be continued or closed ? Read our article below about the German Sea Kings
Welcome to KIEL Naval Air Station in Germany, a Sea King approaches the platform...
It's a mighty machine to see, also as we experienced to fly  !
Once on the platform, ofcourse the crew is willing to pose for the camera...
... and the helicopter is refuelled and checked immediately, for any SAR mission whatever.
The maintainance is done at NAS Kiel itself, as you see concerning here a rotorhead.
PR Officer Radtke did not know by the time we visited if Kiel was to be closed in future...
... we'll know when days come. Mr. Radtke is retired now, we wish him all the best and good health !
Cockpit. console, and....  a man 's got to do what a man's got to do ! Imagine yourself what  ;-) ... 
Inside maintaining, testing and checking, to be on the platform again. Ready willing and able !
A warship in the Kiel harbour...
... and finally a relic from the 'old days' of which mr. Radtke was so enthousiast, and kind to show us
Thank you Mr. Radtke for guiding us, and Philipp Mandau for your interview !
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