LET L-401 TURBOLET              


Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2009

A new article for the independent leading Dutch aviation magazine 'PILOOT EN VLIEGTUIG'
Dutch Aviation Support presents the L-401 TURBOLET, still a successful plane !...
We fly out of 2009 with this last 'Piloot en Vliegtuig' article for 2009 !
Please do enjoy our photographic impression:
We made this one from out of the open cargo-hatch of an Antonov-26
This plane flies regular between Bulgaria and Cluj Napoca Romania
Sharp as a nife landing of this Slovak Let L-410. Mind the blister behind the cockpit
For the photographers amongst us: L-410 in Slovak national colors
The Let L-410 is still a very popular commuter
Slovenian version at Cerklje ob Krki. Toned down grey for NATO reason ? Very nice to see !
The 'photographic nose' of the L-410  
Flying patrols of different kinds over the Slovak Republic
Two ship formation patrol, over picturesque landscapes...  wow !
Slovenian L-410 UVP, experts know it's pictured at RIAT Fairford
View in the cockpit af a LET-410 (Thanks for both pictures John K, Aviafilms@yahoo.com) 
After another photographic glass-nose we fly from Czech Republic to Slovenian Airforce...  
... where a Turbolet gets some maintainance on a rainy day...
Parts are good accessible around the engines. A last look from behind... 
... and a last flight over a Slovak monastery. Bulgaria also uses the L-410, this example at Plovdiv 
Last view on a 3-ship of the L-410. Thank you Tomas, Rudolf, Martin, Kpt.Dorcak and all others!
We had splendid visits and flights ! Time to leave now.  Our article below is only in Dutch.  
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