Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2013

August 18th 2013, celebrationday for the German Naval Aviation 
Dutch Aviation Media was there to publish, and show you our photographic impressions
Early in the morning the press gathered in front of the building in a cold and rainy environment
In general: The weather did not cooperate so well, giving grey and grizzled pictures as result.
Still there were sunny moments on both days, as this fine Sea King helicopter shows
Worth while putting it on the platform for spotters and enthousiasts
Demonstrations were given such as hoisting rescuers
Several helicopters showed their skills to the spectators
You don't see these giants so often finally, so it was enjoying after all !
Fine Navy Lynx, the large numbers do so well on the fuselage
Another Lynx had been given a perfectly new coat for this special opportunity
Naval Breguet Atlantique
And on the platform a specialty: A flying boat Dornier D-24ATT
How nice to be able to walk around this Amphibian airplane
Times sure fly, according to this beauty and nowadays sea-planes
Tower of Nordholz, and a wonderful tail on this belgian F-176
The EC-135 in chique colorsceme.....
..... and one of it's predecessors, the BO-105
One sunny moment, one shot of this UK Chinook
But many had to behold it in the rain
These guys of the Huey enjoyed the little moments of sun, and explained about their machine to the public
Whenever a Dutch person sees the Orion P-3C, it is with mixed feelings. Once the show piece of Dutch Navy.
Also another Orion maritime patrol aircraft was painted with a blue band and 100 Jahre Marineflieger
If neccessary the Dutch and German navy will cooperate with these planes.
Another highlight was this Skyhawk from Wittmund
An article about this plane will follow later in time.
English Sea King...
German Tornado...
.....and a demonstration of this Dornier which is updated since 2012 to 'New Generation' with Several radar equipment
The predecessor of the DO-228 is this DO-28 Skyservant
D-EGZR Gomhouria 181 Mk6 
'Greetings from Egypt' 
Messerschmitt Bf-108 B-2 Taifun
....  and a nice looking analog cockpit of the D-ESBH
UK was present to promote the latest version of the Navy Lynx
Inside the hangars there were many items to be found....
.... such as jet-engines and several missiles
MFG-5 showed out lifesaving equipment such as a lightbuoy
The Old and new generation Dorniers
The mighty AWACS Sentry from Geilenkirchen
For the dare-devils: check out if you can handle gravity perils ???
Large life saving raft for at sea which can be dropped till specified rescue arrives
A more simplified raft for one person
Slowly we come to the end of this presentation with the demonstrating BO-105...
 .... and another 105, the Austrian SAAB-105
The 'ultimate' painted Naval Tornado
Yeah, a pity the weather didn't work out as desired
But still worth while to spend the sunday / weekend on Naval Airbase Nordholz.


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