Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2010

Following the O/MT & E-process on November 19th a ceremony was held to provide both new C-130H’s with a name
Lieutenant-General Jac. Jansen, the commander of the RNLAF was to reveal both names....

...together with direct relatives of the name-givers, under the watchful eyes of both military and civil authorities...

....on the Eindhoven air base were the C-130H’s are located.
 Speaches were held, and our National Hymne was played to underline this major event !
Soon the names will be known, behind the banner '336 Sqn Sudore ac Pulvere' ( In Zweet En Stof )
Some last speaches, and next : The names 'Bob van der Stok'and 'Willem den Toom' are revealed by relatives of them.
Both persons had careers in the Airforce during WW-II, taken prisoner of war and placed in concentration camps. 
Though they survived. Willem was a.o. Secretary of State of Defense and Minister of Defense in his extensive career.
Bob van der Stolk was a fighter pilot, who shot down a German Messerschmidt 109 with his Fokker XXI
During the war he also served in the 41 squadron of the Royal Air Force and flew the Spitfire.
He was one of the three that survived an escape out of camp 'Stalag Luft 111 near Breslau.
Another time 'Music Maestro', and VIP's, relatives, personell and Press could admire the new planes inside and out.
Another look in the sophisticated cockpit...
... and in the fuselage. This time no chairs but a firm carco floor.
Quite an impressive happening, this 'name-giving' which gave emotional feelings to the relatives of both pilots.
So far, so good, we wish both planes and its crews safe flights and many happy landings !
Thanks also to Lt. Gen. Jac Jansen, Harry and Wendy. Times for a laugh afterwards. As it should be.
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Also our special thanks to Mark Brouwer, Eric Vorstenbosch & Maartje Roos for information and some images.
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