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Chaising piratesa of the Caribean, it could be a movie, actually it is, but this here is reality !
Read about the actions of the Dutch Cougars and crews on the Naval Hr.Ms. Rotterdam
Hijacking ships and killing people can not be tolerated, and it is to be tackled hard !

Enjoy our article and impressions in the following images:

The HMS 'Rotterdam' returns in the harbour of Den Helder end of 2012 after a 'pirates chase' in operation 'Ocean Shield'.
Also the 'Bruinvis' submarine returned which could provide essential information to the 'Rotterdam'.
On board of the Navy ship: Airforce Cougars, while the Lynx helicopter had been phased out already.
The NH-90 was not yet fully operational, so an in- between solution had to be thought of.
The Cougar appeared to be a well choosen alternative for hoisting commando's on hostage held ships.
Once on board the commando's are trained to take over the ship in no time.
Therefor the Cougar was also very useful, no need to explain when you see this image !
Actions like on this ship the M.S.Orna are not quite without danger. Pirates are unpredictable and often unscrupulous.
The crews that enter a ship are well trained for it, you cannot hesitate, once on board it's 'show-time' !!
Anyway, when the helicopter and crew are safe on board of the LPD, it's an relief to be back.
 Not all actions needed the helicopter, often Rhib's were used which can be launched from the 'steel beach'.
Not all small vessels are pirate boats, but you cannot take any risk, so weapons on board !
Another action impression.
Please identify gentlemen, where are you going and what's your mission ??? It can be fishermen sometimes.
But once it's clear there might be a small 'problem' the switch goes to 'pirate alert '!
Check all of it, inside-outside, and hands on the head please gent's  ;-)
Hands in the air, and when nothing appears to be wrong, it's ok to wave ........
The Marines impress, and the pirates know they are prepared to use force when neccessary.
For the time being, the Cougar will take the honours to the time that the NH-90 is fully operational.
After return, the men and woman (Navy and Airforce) got a warm welcome in Den Helder. 
Theree was a disciplined official part of the day...
.....where also the Airforce 300 Sqn. of DHC were present.
To them this was an even more special moment !
Some of the participants of this action were to be decorated.
The Dutch Minister of Defence Mrs. Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert came to welcome all and gave a speach.
Then she gave-out several decorations to the proud men and woman !
Quite an honour !
And the spouses, friends, lovers, mates, complete families were happy to meet their beloved safe home !
Dad's home for a leave, but a next mission will follow.....  
...... but for the time being: He's Home !
pSoon the Cougar will be replaced by the NH-90, here a few images.
Thanks to all who made this publication possible 


Our heartfelt thanks to AVDD for their cooperation in providing us a few action-images ! 
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