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Quick Reaction Alert - 24 / 7     Quick Reaction Alert - 24 / 7

QRA Quick Reaction Alert - 24 / 7
The F-16's from 'Leeuwarden Fightertown' can be refuelled to be airborne for very long time
Follow our impressions of Frysian Flag, and this impression of and intercepting a Russian Tupolev 95 spyplane
Every now and then such a Tu-95 'visits' our area. Warned by the allies and spotted in the moment F-16 fighters 
take-off from Leeuwarden or Volkel Airbase to intercept. It's seen like a serious game. However the 'Bear' (NATO 
nickname) will have to obey in case of serious threat. Not expected in this kind of visits, but when neccessary the
F-16's are 'licensed to kill' . So the 'game' is not without any danger after all.....
At the Google map you can see the airbase North-West of Leeuwarden, North of Holland
If neccessary the F-16's can be ready like this, seconds to mount and hit the runway ...
... and as said, not only day-over but also at night.
Roaring engine, afterburner and off they go !!
F-16 in a shelter at Kandahar, mostly they fly in two-ship missions
In The Netherlands they sometimes almost hit the roofs, that is....  visually
Though, also the USAF sometimes flies from Leeuwarden with exercise 'Frysian Flag' ...
... and the fence is high... or the plane low ;-))
Fourship QRA ready to fly in exercise 'Frysian Flag'
Some other F-16AM Fighting Falcons from Leeuwarden Airbase...
... Fightertown Holland where pilots fly in 'wooden clumps' (as the story goes.......)
The KDC-10 in a refuelling action with 322 Squadron F-16's
The end of the future of the F-16 is lying ahead...
... it was spoken about an end-life update for these planes ...
... and still they're very capable, as the pilots are ! Hop in, close the canopy and hit the clouds !
With AWACS all data can be transmitted, and even groundtroops can be informed real-time !
Still the Sidewinders are on the F-16 wings, but most likely the successor will be the JSF
Until politics made their final choice, the F-16's will split the clouds for some time still 
Without details, some armament and equipment the F-16 can carry
And while planes get older, a new generation pilots stands up between the squadrons !
... and as you know, the Dutch never loose their sense of humor, even if it takes the national colors !
We say goodbye with the old Hunter, and mascotte Polly Grey of 322 Squadron
Please do read our story about QRA below ?
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