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 Dutch Aviation Media 2008
 Our friend and collegue Cor van Gent wrote a fine article for 'Piloot en Vliegtuig' magazine in 2008
Dutch Aviation Support was there and presents you this extended photographic 4-paged impression
Please do join us in this photographic overview of RNLAF 'Open Days 2008'
Mascotte of the 322 Sqn Leeuwarden F-16 Base is this grey red-tail parrot !
  He was having the day of his life, enjoying all these camera 'licensed to shoot' visitors... ;-)
The Dutch Open Days are always well visited, many people make it a 'nice day off' with their family
They have a look in the new JSF (mock-up) and get themselves a first coffe or coke !
Some adults are child for a while, and some childs are the 'Big Hero' for a moment....
Security comes first (!) at the Dutch Open Days, it's always a very relaxed happening ! 
Many oldtimers are flown by their owners as these Texan Harvard and Fokker Instructor S-11
SKHV proudly presents this Beech 18, powered by 2x Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-14B 
Ofcourse for the spectators some demonstrations are held, hoisting and fire fighting...
And continuously demonstrating planes, here a Belgian Airforce Sea King and a Dutch Beaver
Two Texan Harvards , type AT-16ND of SKHV (foundation historical planes) Gilze Rijen
Beware !! It's not only oldtimers, 'Here come the F-16AM', base attack !!!
Suddenly surprising the public, 'attacking' the base with 'serious bombs' !! 
Wow, isn't that something, but soon people relax again and keep on with what they were doing...
... Listening to a Spanish pilot explaining, looking at fine planes or other moving objects...
This type of SAR Agusta Bell-412SP is still in service, though they will be replaced soon.
Let's us have a flight with this UK Merlin to the next page of our impressions, ok ?
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