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A new article for the independent leading Hungarian aviation magazine 'Aranysas'
Redaction: Kees Otten (author) and Wim Das (pictures and site) 
Dutch Aviation Support visited Rota Naval Airbase, south of Spain
Killing sun, heatwaves born on the concrete, but what a day !

Ofcourse we show you our extended photographic impression. Article: Scroll down

Welcome to 'Base Naval de Rota'  
333333333333333333333 Escuadrilla - AB212ASW- HA.18 
333333333333333333334 Escuadrilla - Ce550 & Ce650 - U.20 & U.21
333333333333333333335 Escuadrilla - SH-3H/AEW & SH-3H - HS.9
333333333333333333336 Escuadrilla - H369M - HS.13
333333333333333333339 Escuadrilla - EAV-8B & EAV-8B+ & TAV-8B
333333333333333333310 Esucadrilla - SH-60B - HS.23
Esq: 3 Esq4 Esq5 Esq6 Esq9 Esq10 Esq
Homebase of the SH-60 Sea-hawk (10 Esq) 
Sea-Hawks were flying very frequently all day
The Sea Hawks are equipped with all kind of avionics, multi purpose
Partly Military, partly civil, the base shows some interesting visitors 
Left and right a Sea-hawk cockpit, a Harrier in the middle
Another view in the color-less cockpit, quite a dashboard !
Equipped very well, the Sikorsky Sea-hawk has many tasks (see the article)
All types of planes have their own maintainance halls
Just a few detail pictures, the Sea-hawk can carry many loads of different kind 
A radardome on the nose (L) and Pilots on their way to have a cold beer after flight !
Another type the base hosts is the Hughes-MD 'Cayuse' 
Lockheed C-5 Galaxy's (Travis) were present, and also the MBB-117 of the Guardia is on alert
Spanish army Chinooks are frequent visitors on Rota...
... and this Citation II also gets all it needs here. From fuel to maintainance
Ofcourse the AB212 ASW (anti submarine warfare) has finds a home here
Rota has an own Dunker installation to train pilots to survive after a ditch
masterpiece is the Harrier, here a find twni-seat machine.
Preflight: The pilot checks the plane himself ...
... before he mouts together with his trainee
Quite an impressive plane, which also can land on the 'Principe d'Asturias' Carrier.
Exeption: Photographer making pictures while prefilght checks. Right the result, Harrier cockpit.
As you see, another type the Dauphin, Rota is quite a base to visit !!
And what might you be doing out here, dear friend ? US Navy plane comes in on military part
Last view on the Rota platform, the Galaxy seems to watch over the rest of the inhabitants...
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Dutch Aviation MEDIA BV thanks Rota for it's hospitality and information ! Hope to be back !
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