Dutch Defence Media reports about the largest scale NATO exercise ever held in Norway
First we show you our publications about TRIDENT JUNCTURE, followed by many impressions
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Dear visitor,
  During an exercise with 50.000 men and women you can't possibly be at all places at the same time.
But the magazines, and as well some impressions below in random order will give you the right impression of such a large operation.
When you visit our site on regular base, you may have noticed that we always show an extended photo impression.
This last publication (above) from Combat Forces shows already many images of the character of the exercise.
Still, we gathered some other images to show you, we hope you will get the right idea of such a hughe enterprise.
This boat played a major role in Trident Juncture. The Zr.Ms. Johan de Witt. Departing here from the harbour of Den Helder....... 
......and here it has arrived in the bay in Norway.
Left the Dutch Minister of Defence Mrs. Ank Bijleveld giving interview, as well as General Major Michiel van der Laan (Army) did.
Preceeding the attack on terrorists in the bay, many aircraft flew right over the VIP's stand.
Many actions took place under winter conditions. See below. Enemy under fire !
Discussing tactics....
Dutch 43 Gemechaniseerde Brigade gathers at a certain point.....
.....Defending day and night !
One of the men of A Boeaja Cie 45 Painfbat 
Crossing the river in reconnaissance if there are any enemy troops and in case, eliminate them.
After a small fight, the river is safe to be crossed. Mission completed, the men return to their camp.
Some more different impressions
Back to the Naval actions
A ship also needs fuel, it is refuelled here by a special ship that sends nipples to the receiving ship by cables. Sea-to-sea is the matter here.
The system works, also by rough sea.
As you saw the landing-vessels, such a ship can be hoisted sideways, lifted out of the water and clamped to the ship on the left side.
This way the Zr.Ms. Johan de Witt does not have to sink the backside 15 degrees if only men must get in- or out the landing vessel.
View from the bridge of a landing-vessel just behind the 'steel-beach' of the Zr.Ms. Johan de Witt.
An Osprey plane is a VTOL, a plane with Vertical Take Off and Landing capabilities
These Ospreys and Sea Super Stallions helicopters have to be able to operate suddenly from an unknown carrier from another country as 'host'.
Special Operation Forces (SOF) boarding
... which brings us back to the international cooperating ships who sent the men and material to the beach by landing vessels, guided by helicopter support.
Beach storming Ospreys departed from a the foreign outside situated carrier.
Just in front of the landing-beach sea-mines are exploded
Dutch landing vessels departed with high speed from the Zr.Ms. Johan de Witt delivering material and men. 
We noticed that once on board of such a ship, you definitely have to have 'sea-legs' and a firm stomach to survive ...  ;-))
One of the goals is to have several different vessels operate together as if it is one unit, together with transport helicopters.  It worked perfectly !
Finland is a PfP country (Partnership for Peace). Though not a NATO member their commander stated that in case of emergency.....  
......Finland wants to fit in seamless in the NATO defense program(s) and activities.
These Finnish Hornets showed that this is not just a statement, but reality.
Dutch Cougar flying aroud for fire-support when neccessary. 
They are equipped with floats (gray inflatable floats sideways) so they can land on water if neccessary. 
And again some other impressions
Riding out for the wounded over the just conquered bridge...
.... and soon as possible back to the hospital tents to take care of them.
That goes for all participating countries, and these services have to operate similar to each other as well.
Dutch Minister of Defence Ank Bijleveld speeches to her men in the field and shows them her appreciation for their splendid deployment.
From the ground it is hardly to be seen but in really no-time a complete base was built in the middle of nowhere. 
Conversation between Lieutenant Colonel Roel Cuppes,Deputy Defence Attaché for Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland
and Defence Attaché for Iceland as well, (left) and  General Major Michiel van der Laan, Royal Dutch Armed Forces (right)
Dutch Minister Ank Bijleveld exchanges thoughts with the German Brigadier-General Ullrich Spannuth, Commander VJTF Brigade.
End of the line folks, back into the ships, on the trains, in the trucks and planes. All safe home again.
Trident Juncture was an educational defensive exercise that showed what NATO can achieve in short time to defend our  
European territories, but also when needed humanitarian help in case of disaster, large scale evacuation, medevac and so on.
Well folks that was it. We hope you enjoyed our reportage about TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2018. All on board and safe homewards !
Dutch Defence Media would like to thank all persons involved to help us, with interviews from the men in the field to Ministers,
high ranked military staff, the Sec.Gen. of NATO, those who arranged transports for us, those who provided information, thank you Anouk,
thanks for help with hosting, providing the neccessary accreditations for being right in the middle of this largest NATO exercise ever. 
Thanks as well on behalf of all readers in the various countries, who will know now that our territory is guarded, that Europe's countries are safe   
and if ever in danger there will be many men and women to defend our territories and interests.
Yours sincerely, Kees Otten & Wim Das


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