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Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2010

A new article for the independent leading Spanish aviation magazine 'FUERZA AEREA'
What actually is Tigermeet, a plane-painting contest ? An aviation party ?? 
Absolutely not ! Welcome in Peer - 'Kleine Brogel' Belgium for a serious exercise !!
On the other hand, it does have a little something of a social gathering in Tiger colors...
First we show you the article in
 Fuerza the magazine that covers Airforce (Aerea), Navy (Naval) and Terrestre (Army aviation
Tigermeet Fuerza Aerea Spain
Tigermeet Fuerza Aerea Spain
Tigermeet Fuerza Aerea Spain
Tigermeet Fuerza Aerea Spain

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Tigermeet attracts everytime many aviation enthousiasts on a special 'Spottersday'
Let's start your tour between planes, helicopters and impressions:
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We´ll tell you all about 'Tigermeet' in pictures and an exclusive interview, story and nice details
In this photographic impression we will not describe all types, but we´ll walk through the story...
...the event is quite unique, it´s all tiger-items, tiger colors, everyone breathes TIGER !
We'll do our best to show you nice pictures, and feel free to read our article.  
The Tigermeet is a large scale combined air operations exercise, the biggest Western Europe
The special thing where the Tigermeet distinguises itself from other exercises is the tiger spirit !
Tiger squadrons are units from several European countries associated in Nato Tiger Association
All these participants are part of a full scale Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT).
Tigermeet can be named 'Flag Ecercise', it's more or less a 'culture' amongst pilots 
The Tigers family changed over the years since first conducted in 1961 from USAFE Woodbridge
Now you have to 'earn' your membership as new probationary member...
... before you become full member up to full strength of NTA today.
Withdrawn or disbanded squadrons of early days still are 'disbanded' member today !
Belgian 31 'Smaldeel' organised the third Tigermeet ever, followed by six other times.
Tigerlook is special, it expresses not only the tiger feeling, but also inspires art-painers.
To pilots it's a glorious feeling to be in the air and part of this exercise ! Only the best !
The concept attracts press with even this year top photographer Katsuhiko Tokunaga
VIP's, families and enthousiasts were granted a spottersday,and treated on very nice moments !
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