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Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2010

A new article for the independent leading Spanish aviation magazine 'FUERZA AEREA'


Spotters dream, many activities, sunshine in the back, keep them camera's rolling !
While the one pilot is about to fly his mission, the other is selling badges and tiger items.
They try to earn a little budget for the party on a (every ?) night of fun and feast !
And the spotters ? They buy their souvenirs for their personal 'museum' at home  or on their jacket.
A man in the evening...  also a man days over. These guys know their limits and responsabilities ! 
They're always willing to pose for press, and show their connectedness and friendship.
Mechanics, commando's, they all have 'tigerfeet' these days, as the F-16 has !
The crews all have their own containers in 'Tiger Village', for every nationality one.
The deployable setup looks like the concept at Kandahar (see our Afghanistan special main page)
Stories every day, 'Tiger-veterans' love to share their stories and experiences with others 
Between nice stands and a fake pilot, we find Professor Doctor General Lord F.U.N. Spotter !...
This 'General Master Lieutenant Doctor from Russia' already bought his badges before so to see...
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The A-109 in action, the medium-light multi purpose helicopter used by the Belgians...
... we saw it on the Bierset Helidays so often, but not anylonger since the reorganisation...
... Belgium has also combined it's helicopter forces like the Dutch did in DHC (see DHC special) 
... NAO tigermeet was not limited by fighters only. Helicopters of different countries...
... joined in the CSAR part and performed their operation on the spottersday, simulating...
... that Kee Bee lies behind enemy lines. This generated spectacular views for the spectators !
The Italians showed sskill with a commando team in their HUEY... 
... they are also experienced by foreign actions at Malta (see our Malta story, 'Piloot en Vliegtuig' )
And off they go, in this more than characteristic 'Billy Joel' wok-wok-wok sound.
Another giant participating was the UK Merlin...
... department store with roof-drive !
Our very special thanks to the C.O. by that time who made these impressions possible !!
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