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Arctic Experience ! The Italian Aeronautica & Difesa dedicates six pages to these visits in a cold Norway.
The visits inplicated the Airbases of Rygge, Bardufoss and Gardermoen.
Read all about white-out, patrols, the flying school and more through the arctic.
Also the permanent English detachment under Commodore David West has been described in this article.
For the article and info scroll down please, an extended photographic impression and light comments will follow, 
in a 7 pages counting overview and photographic impressing impressions !
As you can see here the men (and women) are trained exeptional in surviving the Norwegian Cold by wading into icecold water and sleeping in a self dug hole in the snow. It was almost 30 degrees below zero when we visited... days-over !
Lynx helicopters of the Norwegian Coastguard. Town out of the hangar to start their daily tasks...
... flying patrol routes and being alert on reports about people in need, medevac flights and all that happens.
After the flights the machines often have to be cleaned from snow and ice to be operational any minute again.
Flying with the Norwegians, joining a two hours patrol and exercise in white-out experience will be shown...
A quick hello to the Hurtigruten, a well known ferry-boat in the Norwegian waters / fjords.
The bell 412 follows it's way to inhospital area with thick snow layers, we flew with them in a white-out exercise !
Recently Norway received it's first NH-90 helicopters, with delay as most other countries. See next pages.
The upper North of Norway is not quite 'next-door', it was special to have this italian C-27 Spartan at Bardufoss
(For a special of this type see on this website 'Piloot en Vliegtuig')
The Spartan was flying quite active and frequent, though the character of the mission itself was not clear to us.
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