Reportage by Ronald Stark

A brief overview of an outstanding airshow at Abbotsford Canada
T-33 'Shooting Star' flying
Canadian CF-18 Hornets preparing for flight (above) and on the static (below) 
Don't stick your nose into it......  
Other times ask for other subjects like this Boeing 737-800
Nice static planes all over the airfield
What you visit for...the sensational 'Snowbirds demo-team'
It oncerns a military demonstration team
Almost unbelievable how close these guys can fly !
Can we buy a house near such an airfield ? ....... (Royal Canadian 431 Squadron)
Skyhawk parachute demo team showed stunning stunts !
Innovations took care for an attractive show.
Snowbirds acting once again
9 in total: CT-114 'Tutor Snowbirds' 
Bremont Horsemen, team of three P-51 Mustangs
The Special guests 431 Sqn 'Snowbirds' opened the Twilight Show
'Threesome' Warbirds F8F Bearcat, F7F Tigercat and P-51 Mustang in 'Hertiage flight' preceeding the Twilight show
F7F Tigercat flying
An old modyfied schoolbus , equipped with an F-4 Phantom jet-engine
A CF-18 Hornet demonstrating during the Twilight period
Such a fine P-51 machine in fresh color sceme
Dazzling figures.....
Warbird F8F Bearcat flying  
Mitchell B-25: 'One of the planes that won the war' as Sir Winston Churchill stated once
De Havilland Canada CT-142 Dash 8 on the static
Spectacular effects on the ground and in the air during 'Twilight-time', a concept change  
Breman Horsemen thanks for the show !
On Finals: once more the Snowbirds in a flypast
... that is to say...
We'll show you some additional pictures of the static here below.  
lf it were only for the nice weather....  ;-))
After having had some fine snacks, we could admire on the static this nice painted Rotorway Exec 162 F
A Beechcraft T-6C Texan II
Beech C-18S
DC-3 'Dakota'
DC-3 Cockpit
Also present many 'Keep 'm rolling' old military vehicles
R-3C Seabee
Meanwhile having had most of the day by daylight, this balloon prepares for the twilight show...
...and this was the result in the evening ! Stunning pictures.
Fireworks at the end of the 'Twilight show'
A special photo-pit generated spectacular pictures for those who stood on the right place

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