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Impressions from several countries: Portugal

These Alpha-Jets were pictured during Real Thaw 2017 at BEJA Airbase
Impressions from several countries: Belgium
Belgian Alpha-Jets  training at Cazaux Airbase France
Below some Belgian planes in maintainance at Kleine Brogel Airbase belgium ('Kee-Bee')
Impressions from several countries: French Miliary versions
Here below some French Alpha-Jets training at Dijon-Longvic
French planes in a row at training airbase Cazaux
French Demo-team: Patrouille de France !!
As most aviation enthousiasts have seen this marvellous team fly
Impressions from several countries: Former German Alpha-Jets
As you can read, Germany sold most of their Alpha-Jets to Portugal. Here some old impressions
These ones up- and below are probably the most well-known color-scemes you might remember
Another 'Golden Oldie' 
A fine animation of the German Alpha-Jet as it was in service by that time
Impressions from several countries: United Kingdom
The UK used a handful Alpha-Jets  (Read about in it the article below this page)
Finally some impressions of exotic countries who operate(d) this plane
Special thanks for providing us some exotic pictures: 
Wikipedia, Fred Willemsen, Rafael Vieira,Weimeng, Teerawut Thanks to all !!
Last but not least our heartfelt thanks to the Portugese Airforce for their hospitality !
Many ex-military Alpha-Jets will find their way to the civil market, like this last image: Red Bull museum at Salzburg Austria.

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