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Axalp 2012 exercises. Aranysas Hungary reports
Axalp 2012 wasn't exactly under a good sign...  
... the weather was so to say extremely bad.
Early in the morning the so called 'weatherflight' was going to see how it looked above the was bad !
Next to that one of our planned associates could'nt join us at the last moment...
... this caused that we could not make the 'Alps-session to a good succes on our own.
In such a case you have to rely on a friendly collegue, who - sportsmanlike - provides us with some images.
So the credits of the first twelve pictures on this website-page are for Peter Steehouwer...
... showing us the real stuff of the exercise between the Axalp mountains !
Here's a target hit very well ..., thanks peter Steehouwer for this picture !
Yes, they do fly this low and extremely concentrated !
First time this year the new chosen SAAB Gripen participated in the Axalp exercises...
... and ofcourse a lot of F-5 Tigers, operational...
... and the ones that fly in the Swiss demo-team the 'patrouille Suisse'. More about the F-5 hereafter.
This is what a photographer gives the goosebumps, such an image of the F/A-18 Hornet !
A lot of material was brought uphill by helicopters, als nice for the present spectators !
These Eurocopters departed from Alpnach, which was also visited by us in....     rain...  ;-((
Kees Otten was more succesfull at Meiringen with the Eurocopter , looking at the weather ;-) 
Ok, well, more about the F-5 Tigers now. Sion Airbase, why that so ? Just follow the page and we'll explain.
 Oh yes, you can make a lot of almost similar images...
... and this time it's very functional both ways because the F-5 Tiger will soon retire from the Swiss Airforce... 
...that's one very good reason. The other reason was because of the bad weather.
The grasslands where cars had to be parked were sodden of the falling rain for days at Meiringen... 
... so the regular (conrete) runway had to be used as a parkingplace, and for that reason...
... most Tigers and Hornets had to be translocated to Sion in the Rhone-valley.
Making the best of it we decided to dedicate some attention to this airfield....
... and particularely the F-5 Tigers, while the weather at Sion was so much better and it gave us the opportunity... make some very nice F-5 pictures while still possible now they still are operational. 

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