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Developments QRA between Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands
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Belgian F-16 in take-off after scramble alert
Scramble !! Pilots hurry to their machines, a possible intruder is coming nearer !
Save safety, or give 'm hell boys ;-))
Airborne  ! Two Belgian AF Fighting Falcons are in the air, to see what's going on. 
AOCS Nieuw Milligen controls the area and sees what's happening
This is an impressing room where it's all happening. A hughe radar is operational nearby
In today's mission the 'intruder' is the Belgian VIP 'Embraer' who is to be 'investigated' and guided below.
tIt's all followed and coordinated by AOCS
In real the F-16's try to see whay a plane does not respond to radio-contact, or give manual instructions from out of the cockpit
A view to a kill..... ;-)
Dutch minister Jeanine Hennis Plaschaert and her Belgian collegue minister Vandeput see the F-16's glying very nearby
The Embraer is 'forced to land' on Rotterdam Airport.....
.....and is parked on the Dutch concrete.
On board as said both ministers of defense....
.....and the ambassador of Luxembourg Pierre-Louis Lorenz from Luxembourg. Ministers Hennis and Vandeput start a press conference. 
Answering questions to journalists of radio and TV, newspapers, magazines and so on.
Sometimes critics, sometimes admiration....
.....and after the press interviews it's time to prepare for signing the agreement
The ministers take their position behind the signatories...
....and then the agreement is signed by Commander Aircomponent General-major and pilot Frederik Vansina (Belgium).....
....Commander Dutch Airforce Lieutenant-general and pilot Dennis Luyt (NL) ..... well as Ambassador Pierre-Louis Lorenz of Luxembourg as said unter the eyes of both ministers as witnesses
The agreement to cooperate and help eachother over eachothers territory is now a fact !
Dutch Airforce Commander Dennis Luyt and the Dutch communications officer Joyce
Back again to the platform to do some interviewing again with the plane
Our minister seems to enjoy the questions on one hand....
....but on the other hand it's mighty cold out there !!
TV camera's roll... camera's click...
 The belgian and Dutch F-16's, pictured from out of the Embraer 
All followed by AOCS 
Brothers to brothers....
Finally they dissapear from the screens in the end.
Philippe, and your collegues, Joyce, Belgian and Dutch airforces thank you kindly for your cooperation and offered opportunity !

l      Article in Dutch / Artikel in het Nederlands en Belgisch ;-)))

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