Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2014 PUBLICATION

Credits visit Japanese Blackhawks: Koos Heemskerk
Blackhawk status on its way to world fame !

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Perhaps the most well-known variant, the version used by the US Army (Kandahar Afghanistan)
The helicopter can transport cargo, and 11 fully equipped soldiers, maximum 12
Seats are simple but effective. After all it's not a holiday trip mostly...
Striking is the fact that the S-70 variant of Sikorsky is built in Poland by PZL Mielec
All over the world the machine is used, very intensively by the Israel Defense Forces
The helicopter is very reliable also under difficult circumstances such as temperature, dersert etc.
Quite impressing, but unfortunately actuality in Israel every now and then ! (last three pictures credits IAF)
Our photographer Koos Heemskerk saw this Blackhawk in Japan, equipped with so called 'Stubwings'
This example is a Spanish Sea-Hawk, on the left of the fuselage the sonobuoys facility for detecting submarines
Here we see a variant with external hardpoints for carrying missiles
Again, this machine concerns a Turkish variant of the Blackhawk family
Oefff....  you'd better be friends with this one !! (USAF Afghanistan)
US Coast Guard demonstrating a rescue at sea
View at one of the many variants of the cockpit, the 'Blackhawks office'.
A complete other layout of a Blackhawk cockpit layout.
We have to show this one, Japan, equipped with stubwings and external fueltanks (Koos Heemskerk)
Koos did well in Japan ! Here the carrier version, mind the double tail-wheels
Another variant is this one, capable of refuelling air-to-air.
Finally an example of the color sceme of the Japanese Airforce
An Austrian Blackhawk, without too many features around the fuselage
Also Austria, rainy as it can be...
External fueltanks, and ski's mounted to bring supplies high in the snowy mountains at large distance


Greatful thanks to our hosts at the spot in the various countries for making the visits possible !I
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