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On with the program and impressions we'd like to show you

The USAF participated with Lakenheath F-15's, brother to brother with the Israeli F-15's 
'Where Eagles Dare'......
Israel took part in the Turkish exercise Anatolian Eagle some years ago 
After a commando-raid by Israel in 2010 on a Turkish ship with aid for Gaza the once-warm ties reached a low point.
From that moment Israel organized its own 'Flag' exercise
Being part of it I must say that almost every camerashot gives a nice picture,
To help and guide... and what can one do in the time between ??
The Americans also have interest in a stable situation, they joined Blue Flag for that reason and also practice
Funny, plastic chairs in the middle of the desert, still comfortable ! 
Another batch of Eagles, to learn from each others quality and structure in separate exercises
From archive (we didn't see them) Apaches did participate in Blue Flag
Daredevil Apache is equipped quite complete with radar....
...two men in the cockpit, a 30 mm gun and stubwings for (Hellfire) missiles, and/or rocketpods and external fueltanks
Another respected type: The Cobra
Cobra flying over Tel Aviv


One of the 'Living Legends' is the Blackhawk UH-60 helicopter in the IDF, Medevac specialist
The keyrole in exercises and in 'real life' is played by this (armed) Blackhawk 
Mainly operational for troop tranports and medevac, well equipped... 
.... to stabilize and transport wounded soon as possible.
This can be an 'easy does it' job for the pilots....
....but also a nasty one if you can't land on mountainous terrain. 
Nice job.....  pilot !!
Nasty detail for helicopters can be the 'brown-out' caused by the rotor blowing up sand
Exercise in loading 'casualties' in the Blackhawk....
.... and getting them out to the nearest fiels hospital. (Also see our Blackhawk special under 'Piloot en Vliegtuig' )


Some 50 Israeli F-16C/D, F-16I and F-15C/D from mentioned squadrons took part in the exercise
Off course the air-to-air refuelling was part of the exercise as well
 יהיה לך טיסה טובה, ולתת 'גיהינום מ'         (A quick hello and happy landing between pilots)
Cooperation with Italy, Greece and the U.S. In use of both USAF and IDF is the F-15. Proven ability. 
Observers were flown in from other countries. Observing but alsoinventarising for possible future participation 
The Israeli 'Red Dragon' sqn (Ovda - F16's) and the 'Cutting Edge' sqn (F-15) performed as 'Red forces' enemy.
Though ground- and attack forces were on alert to counter-attack any strike
One of the older fighterjets is the A-4 Skyhawk
This guy is also equipped to attack ground-targets
In the Negev desert the taking-off and landings proceeded...
.... back home after a succesful mission !
Return of the 'Giants' ....
.... the single-seat F-15 ....
.....and fortunately the twin-seat version also came along 
The 'opposite forces were specially trained in operating from out of denied environments using particular tactics...
.... that are used by the Arab airforces to train both internal squadrons but specific also the foreign participants.
The Negev dessert provides excellent training area for complex low altitude combat ‘four ship’ training 

Stay alert and aware, equipped with multiple technological developments to perform numerous complicated tasks.
Flying high and absolutely seen by neighbours Israel states: We're here, ready and able !
This old fellow is 'guarding the traffic' on a rondabout. This Phantom is retired, thinking 'Phuck them all'.  
By the way, we don't do it commercially, but if you're really interested we can provide aa DVD with images.
( In that case just contact us )

         תמיד ערני - הכל לכולם - ערני ומגן         

The Blackhawk, air-air refuelling and Apaches in take-off pictures: Credits IDF
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