AERONAVALE BAN HYERES FRANCE 100 YEARS                                                                   114 pages iiiiiiiiii                                                                    iiiiiiiiiDutch Aviation Media
We dedicated photographic impressions (like on this site) in a book
The images tell their stories, we only show a few random pages. The book contains 114 pages and 298 pictures
Surprising perhaps but the books are not quite for selling purposes
Still in some occasions we did sell a few, without commercial advantage. In case: Just contact us
If you want we can make a reportage and/or book for you on demand
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Base Aeronavale Hyeres celebrated the 100 years existance of the Naval Aviation in 2010
We show you just a few impressions
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Off course: The Patrouille the France !
A German oldtimer (Junkers) nickname: Aunt 'Ju' 
American naval hornets joined the show, they started from a carrier near the coast
A perfect day...
.... for several specialties and a surprise at the end of the day...
The new Airbus A-380 !!

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