LARGE STORY                  IN 3 PARTS

Follow us to the combination of three different but combined exercises in The Netherlands ?


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Louis Martin, Boomer in his 'RARO'station (explaination in the article)
This is what Louis sees in one of his screens refuelling an F-16
The rear camera's of the KDC-10
There are several systems, the USAF system is arranged this way that the Boomer has direct vision on the boom
Eric Vorstenbosch (L) arranged our meeting with Louis Martin (R) who gave us an extended interview.
The Boom on the backside of the Dutch KDC-10
The three already refuelled F-16's gather on the right wing of the tanker, while the fourth is still being filled up.
 After the operation the last F-16 swings to the right and leaves the KDC-10 with full tanks....
As you see there are more systems to refuel. EART contributes in a larger standardisation.
The 'Boomers-workshop' in the participating Italian tanker in exercise EART.
This tanker has capability of refuelling from out of the wingtips.
Demonstrated here the drogue on the hose coming out of the wingtip. Used for helicopter refuelling.
Some explaination around the aircraft.
An Italian tanker lands....
... the boomer-crew closes up procedures...
A brotherplane on the platform static.
The yellow stripe on the belly of the fuselage is an orientation point for the approaching to be refuelled planes. 
A 'drogue' in it's console in the plane, retrackted.
View on another camera system....
.... in another 'Boomers-office'.
Let's not forget the pilots office, but once refuelling is actual.... 
.....  the Boomer is in charge and the Captain has to obey Boomers instructions.
In any case of emergency or precaution it can sound: BREAK-BREAK-BREAK !!
This means immediate disconnection and for the Captain: Full throttle ahead. 
If you loose the tanker, you loose the mission ! 

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