BRONCO OV-10 The 'Vietnam Veteran'   

PTISI Magazine Greece published our article about this remarquable 'Vietnam Vet'
Ptisi published a quite large article...
Here we present the story about 'El Ultimo Bronco en Europa'
Tony: The North American-Rockwell Bronco is specially designed for Counter Insurgery (COIN)
next to the impression of this article,see our short impression
Interview with the pilot Tony de Bruyn (Thanks Tony !)
Also this article came to life with help of mr. Geert vd Put in Belgium...
.... organisor of the 'Zoersel Air meeting in Belgium...
.... where we met Tony, Geert, and we were able to make the pictures. Enjoy our short impression !
The German Airforce used the Bronco for target towing
External fuel tank, and an outdated picture from Chateaudun, where it honours it's camouflage color
The OV-10 can find and hit targets close to friendly troops. Still active in some countries for this purpose
On the outside this version is to be recognized by it's glass greenhouse dome at the rear
As a real 'Vietnam Veteran' Tony sits in his cockpit. (Credits: Geert vd Put)
Cockpitview from the inside and outside - The German Wing Association logo
Tony de Bruyn is Chairman / Wingcommander of the German Wing OV-10 Bronco Association
Tony flies the OV-10 in 5 to 10 air events a year in Europe. This last picture is from Zoersel Belgium - 2010
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Special thanks to Tony de Bruyn & Geert van de Put - Belgium
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