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Article: Kees Otten, Koos Heemskerk & Wim Das
Let's have a look now at this large transport helicopter
The CH-53 shows it's capabilities on the battlefield, using flares for selfdefense (foto Koos Heemskerk)
At july 1st 2011 the German base Rheine-Bentlage had it's 40 years MTHR-15 celebration.
HEER (Heeresflieger) is only used in Europe bij the German Army
It's a multi purpose helicopter, transport of troops, cargo, SAR, you name it
You could even call this inside 'cosy'...
Front and backside of the CH-53 helicopter
The backside shows a huge hatch
Also behind the cockpit there's space enough for a 'party' .....   !!
But ofcourse this is a Fairford RIAT joke, where the German crew is testing English beer. CHEERS !!
The CH-53 (or Stallion) honours it's name by strength
It carries easily complete vehicles...
... to place them where ever neccessary by intervention
Sturdy row of Stallions at Rheine-Bentlage
'Fill 'm up guys... and girls literally, a mixed group in these groundcrews
Quit a job to move these enormous birds
The CH-53 is the largest transporthelicopter in the Western aviation, only exceeded by Russian Mil-MI-6 and MI-26
Lined up for a large exercise at 'Celebrating base' Rheine Bentlage
By times of the Cold-War germany needed a huge helicopter to transport large groups of soldiers and equipment
Detail of the tail-shoe to avoid damage by landing
40 Yeras HTHR badge, and a folded tail-rotor
CH-53 departs from Fairford RIAT aviation show
View at the hatch where men and material can be (un)loaded
Sunny shot at Rheine Bentlage Base
HEERESFLIEGER CH-53 at RIAT airshow in United Kingdom
Soldiers gathering for a flight
So far our photographic impression at Rheine Bentlage concerning the largest helicopter within the EU: CH-53
We wave goodbye, up to a next article
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