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The story about the one and only largest helicopter in the EU...
....  dating from the cold war period but still upgraded and in use in Germany, Rheine Bentlage
Scroll down with us and enjoy the photographic overview and written articlei
The CH-53 shows it's capabilities on the battlefield, using flares for selfdefense (foto Koos Heemskerk)
At july 1st 2011 the German base Rheine-Bentlage had it's 40 years MTHR-15 celebration.
HEER (Heeresflieger) is only used in Europe bij the German Army
It's a multi purpose helicopter, transport of troops, cargo, SAR, you name it
You could even call this inside 'cosy'...
Front and backside of the CH-53 helicopter
The backside shows a huge hatch
Also behind the cockpit there's space enough for a 'party' .....   !!
But ofcourse this is a Fairford RIAT joke, where the German crew is testing English beer. CHEERS !!
The CH-53 (or Stallion) honours it's name by strength
It carries easily complete vehicles...
... to place them where ever neccessary by intervention
Sturdy row of Stallions at Rheine-Bentlage
'Fill 'm up guys... and girls literally, a mixed group in these groundcrews
Quit a job to move these enormous birds
The CH-53 is the largest transporthelicopter in the Western aviation, only exceeded by Russian Mil-MI-6 and MI-26
Lined up for a large exercise at 'Celebrating base' Rheine Bentlage
By times of the Cold-War germany needed a huge helicopter to transport large groups of soldiers and equipment
Detail of the tail-shoe to avoid damage by landing
40 Yeras HTHR badge, and a folded tail-rotor
CH-53 departs from Fairford RIAT aviation show
View at the hatch where men and material can be (un)loaded
Sunny shot at Rheine Bentlage Base
HEERESFLIEGER CH-53 at RIAT airshow in United Kingdom
Soldiers gathering for a flight
So far our photographic impression at Rheine Bentlage concerning the largest helicopter within the EU: CH-53
We wave goodbye, up to a next article
We hope you liked it, you can read the story behind this below. Thanks for your attention !
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