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TopguN Romania reports about this mega-multi purpose rotor- & fixed wing superbase ! 
The Merlin HM-1’s from Culdrose serve in four squadrons ( 814, 820, 824 and 829 Naval Air Squadron)
The type is a really multi role workhorse capable to operate under extreme weather conditions day and night
The merlin is primarily tasked with the ASW role
The secondary role is to watch the sea surface, performing long range sea surveillance
The Merlin can also operate in Command & Control, evacuation, transport and SAR missions
Here the HM-1 operational at Culdrose
The Merlin is named after the powerful sorcerer and is one of the most sophisticated designs for this work
Culdrose's a platform that displays mostly a variety of helicopters and planes
 The older Sea King is still very operational as SAR helicopter, in many countries by the way
Sea Kings have less complicated rotor head and transmission system which is a delight to the maintenance people
In the air or on every airshow where it appears it's a treat for the eye
So many thank their lives to this rotorbladed life-line !
Just a few more impressions...
... of this marvellous 'Golden Oldie'
Once more about the Jetstream T. MK-2 'Flying Classroom' :
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