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TopguN Romania publishes the CV-90 Army vehicle story including a 'live' situation: The Dutch Approach
We show you an extended story about the functions and possibilities of the CV90.
Therefor we take you to the Army-base Oirschot in The Netherlands where it all happened ! Join us ?
OThese two battalions took care of the demonsntation with the CV90 and the story around it.
The Dutch approach is copied by many units and countries. Talk with the locals and show them you help.
Here a simulated story how things can work out. A small settlement is visited and checked out for terrorists.
Dutch approach: an 'easy does it' entrance of the settlement.
Contact is made with the assumed leader here...
There is a calm and easy conversation, and explaination of the intention of the visit.
The leader is willing and open minded, but suddenly he's shot by terrorists from out of one of the own blocks...
Immediate action follows, the leader is bleeding, and taken care of, dragged to a more safe place. 
The hostal fire is answered directly, smokepods take care of a better cover of the sodiers
Meanwhile the shot person is brought out of the fire range, behind the CV90 armoured vehicle.
A firefight follows.....
..... and several troopers take action to enter the buildings where the terrorists shoot and hide !
All action just takes seconds...
.... to enter the places, using granades, smokepods, and sharp firing.
In between a hospital vehicle is informed and it enters the scene...
Under cover medics land on, with medical attack-bag....
.....and a stretcher to stabilise the victim and transport him to a nearby fieldhospital.
The fight is decided in disadvantage of the terrorists....
...... these guys are taken as POW (Prisoner of War).... 
 They are hand coffed and dispatched.
The victim is stabilised meanwhile and ready to be taken away from the settlement square.
Here you go, after all it wasn't such a smart action of the terrorists...
They will be imprisoned and interrogated.
The CV90 brings in fact a multi-role employment....
......and believe me, you won't like to face this modern, well equipped and well armed steel enemy !
On page 2 we'll show you some more of the vehicle itself.


Our heartfelt thanks to the personell of Army Camp Oirschot for the demonstration and cooperation for this article !
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