Dutch Aviation MEDIA 2012

Published by Nr.1 Aviation magazine in Italy:
These guys had a fine day, 'hanging around' in their AS-332B Super Puma
On this second 'DACT' page we'll show you arond about other participants, with 'comments-light'...
Casa C-295M of the Spanish Airforce
A Casa C-295M of the Airforce of Ghana wandered by, here on finals..... 
Ofcourse there were the 'ig-guys'... like this fine colored Spanish Hercules...
...and yes, it's a very nice environment for this kind of pictures, though disturbed sometimes by the heatwaves...
Herc on the run (way)  ;-)
The French: 'Les Chevalier du Ciel' Mirage raiders of the sky...
One of the absolute highlights was this Boeing B-707-331B !
All day the Hornets kept on flying...
... and also the Eurofighters were very present in the exercise.
Ofcourse all day there was alternation in 'Civil' all day, vacationers that kept on coming
Towercrews do have busy days normally here, and now their handsfull during this exercise !
There were moments that you had to decide where to picture, Hornet ? Boeing ? helicopter ?
The 707 on the taxiway...
Also the Spanish Harriers were a treat to the eye, you don't meet them often in the Northern EU countries.
Once again on the 'Plat du jour': Dassault Mirage !
Seeing results of this fine plane, would it be a better choice as the JSF ?? Much cheaper anyway these times !
We come to an end of this exercise, when you might want to have a DVD about DACT, just contact us.
We fly out now with this Aviojet...
... a last view on the Hornets, Hangars and Heavenly island...
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