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To encounter realistic war zone conditions aircraft has to train against other aircraft resembling enemy forces
Following: 6 pages DACT, a photographic impression and the article at the end. Enjoy !! 
This was made possible during the DACT exercise at Gando AFB Spain, published also in Italy's Aeronautica & Difesa
By using opposing foreign aircraft you can measure your own capabilities and find out where you are.
This is called Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT).
Spanish AF Hornets exercised against all kinds of 'enemies'. Here F/A-18 Hornets on the Gando platform.
Dutch Aviation Support team was present to witness this exercise.
The Spanish Air Force Combat Command (MACOM) organizes and directs the Dissimilar Air Combat Training
Gando airbase is the home of the 46th Wing equipped with EF-18A+ Hornets because of its splendid air space. 
South of the islands the air is free of commercial routes and without limitations in chaff / flare release or supersonic flying
The exercise lasted for two weeks which is a similar set up to other exercises of this type
It starts with an academic phase during the weekend with conferences about tactics, weapons, intelligence, safety etc.
The flight phase started at Monday with basic scenarios (1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2) in Air Combat Manoeuvres (ACM)
Anyone who may think this is a bomb: It's a fuel tank for long range missions
Within visual range the exercise was building up in complexity involving a higher number of fighters (8 vs 8 )
Later on more dynamic scenarios followed, to learn, evaluate and get more experience.
Some badges 
Participants also could improve joint operation and coordination between the different participating units.
As many pilots as possible have to take their chances to operate in exercise circumstances, asking for critical decisions
Some objectives are: Train fighter pilots in modern air combat tactics....
....Train fighter pilots in modern air combat tactics.....
.....Train and improve air to air refuel capabilities.....
.....Train and improve air to air refuel capabilities.....
Train expeditionary situations: Keep flying there for two weeks with a high operational tempo !
'The Wild Bunch' 
Also the Casa Aviojets participated in this exercise
Main focus was on complex missions with 12 or more fighters, using mainly beyond visual range (BVR) engagements
Following we'll show you some Boeing F/A-18 Hornets, flying around Gando AFB
Ans next to the military movements, the civil planes keep on coming in and going out.... 
...bringing pale and people in on vacation and see off sun/tanned people back home.
The exercise itself was focused on air combat purely and there was no air to ground action or COMAO packages
The Fokker F-27 was not planned but actually operational during the exercise to great joy of many spectators and spotters
like the F/27, this Ghanese Casa 295  was a real treat as well, coming in at Gando ! Another piture on page two....
Reaching the end of page one, please do join us on page two with more different types of aircraft
Less press, and many ´choosen few´spotters had a very nice day on the roof of the fire/brigade building !
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