VOILA EUROCOPTER !              


Dutch Aviation Support 2011

Eurocopter Article
Eurocopter is actual, looking at Tigre and Caracal. Super modern helicopters.
Enjoy our photographic impression and read the article below at this page 
Eurocopter manufactures several types, for civil purposes and military as well
During an airshow at Dax France we were able to compare some types
Our article 'Voila Eurocopter;  was sent to Rotor & Wing magazine
The EC-145 of the 'Securite Civile' is in service for already a longer time
 Securite Civile ordered 32 helicopters for SAR
It's an ideal helicopter for hoisting and transporting victims of any kind. This simulates a job in a hurry  
These pilots are very well trained to do the rescue job under all circumstances
The glass cockpit looks like a large Disney character.....  :-)
... but no, it isn't, it's a life saver !
The Tigre is a real attack helicopter, and more or less a concurrent of the Apache
The Tigre however is of a later generation as the Apache and more sophisticated
Various coutries united their knowledge and demands for this 'Super-Tigre'.
The French version: Tigre HAP/HCP, or 'Support and Escort or Multipurpose Combat Helicopter'
Lucky shot...
Some call the Tigre 'The New Generation Apache', don't mess with this machine !
Preparing for flight at the DAX platform France.
Finally we show the latest Cougar version, the 'Caracalle'.
This concerns a multi mission helicopter, it is used also for CSAR
CSAR is a dangerous job, picking up soldiers behind enemy lines...
In hostal environment this helicopter is best left alone by the enemy...
.....otherwise you might regret !
So far our impressions, we hope you liked it ! Thanks for being with us here !
Ok, as the pilot shows, time to move on. This 'Dax-hound' is very contempt with his situation...
We show you our last two images, a firm EC-145 hoist, and a nice badge !
Ofcourse there are more types. Perhaps we can show them in an article later on.
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