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3 parts in 1 !     1      3 parts in 1 !
This overview overlaps in fact three separate items. Two major exercises held in Europe recently, FRISIAN FLAG  
initiated in The Netherlands and EART (European Air-to-Air Refuelling Training) over Europe.
As third item the function of 'BOOMER' is a central point in these exercises. We also inform you about this aspect.


The written article is available on the bottom of the last page of this overview

Following photographic impressions of the European Air-air Refuelling TrainingI

Portugese F-16's on their way to their tankerplane for refuelling...
Here they are again, flying next to the Dutch KDC-10
To get used to oneother's procedures there were several tankers with several systems. 
Here the Italian plane, with 'boom'and 'hose' system.
The Dutch KDC-10 system, with boom, refuelling an F-16. (Picture Frank Crebas)
One of the KDC-10 tankers at the platform of Eindhoven airbase
The F-16's approach on the left, and are in hold after refuelling on the right side of the tanker (Picture Frank Crebas)
Both KDC-10 tankets during the EART exercise
In the mean time also other Fighters appeared in the scene, like this Norwegian F-16
The Cobham 'irritator', jamming communications and pretending he's 'another type of aircraft' as he is best in !
The Dutch and German tankers starting up their mission from Eindhoven AB, taxiing to the runway
The German tanker in take-off
Spanish Eurofighters in take off from Leeuwarden to have their refuelling training
General Valentin explained about the necessity of standardisation, we lived to see it happen in front of our eyes !
An AWACS plane from Geilenkirchen, to cover the scene and to 'see' what's up high in the sky
Moment of departure from base: The KDC-10 is serviced and crew on board
Several high ranked persons explained about necessities and possibilities about EART
These 'Sunny ones' were all standing here at Leeuwarden platform

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